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Inspire with our team building team building in action
powerful drumming performances from small to large drumming performances for events and conferences
gumboot dancers unleash energy and rhythm to any event Gumboot dancing as interactive or performance entertainment
marimba performances to match your event Our Marimba performances are sure to impress

The Drum Cafe has fast established itself as the authority on traditional African music. Synonymous with group drumming and interactive team building, we are also one of Southern Africa's leading entertainment agencies.
The Drum Cafe also facilitates product launches, fundraisers, awards, shows & road shows. Providing a unique, fun way to bring people together. We also specialise in African traditional, modern and fusion performances and entertainment – don’t miss the new Drumstruck live show.

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Drum Cafe in the news...

Drum Cafe and Umoja wow at Miss World Contest

Business Day BASA Finalist Award–Drum Cafe-Recognised for excellence in the field of business support for the arts.

Beijing Olympics-Drum Cafe drummers open games, welcomes 200 countries, plays to 1 billion TV audience

Drum Cafe performs for Nelson Mandela, Elton John, Lewis Hamilton, Robert De Niro, Uma Thurman, Oprah Winfrey, Denzel Washington, Will Smith

New York: Sprint & Nextel $36B merger - Drum Cafe

Unilever Unites team: "Our most Memorable event ever!"

Drum Cafe works with German soccer team

Dell: "Drum Cafe inspired our management team!

Drumstruck Tour: Off-Broadway to tour Japan, China

Hewlett-Packard: "Really blown away by the experience!"

Speakers Excellence nominates Drum Cafe June ’08

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Testimonials from our past events

United Cricket Board, on Basadi’s opening ceremony performance for Women’s World Cup Cricket

"Your mesmerizing performance got all the guests talking to no end…”

Allan Freinkel
"My party went off swimmingly well last night and was complimented by some free eggnog courtesy of the neighbours, whose generosity and understanding of great music contributed tremendously to the party's success." All my guest...more

Kadimah Occupational Centre
"Kadimah workers would like to thank you most sincerely for a wonderful musical performance. We all enjoyed it and loved the drumming and the musical instruments."

British Airway's
"Worth every cent."






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