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"Jozi - The City of Pap and Oysters"

Ancient San trance dance and song meet rave dance and modern house; Traditional African storytelling meets Rap.

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“Jozi”, one of the Drum Cafe’s groundbreaking shows, is a tribute to the multiculturalism of Johannesburg as well as the African traditional influences in modern performance culture. “Jozi” celebrates Africa and the West, old and new.

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This high-tech, fast-paced production juxtaposes traditional and modern music. Expect sound and video clips, live musicians and drummers, cutting-edge DJs, rap artists and hip-hop dance (South African-style). “Jozi” showcases electric fusion performances, and as an optional finale Basadi Le Meropa (all-African female drum, dance and marimba group) perform with 1st Project (white male precision drummers).

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Choose a continuous performance of 20-40 minutes, or feature the separate acts of “Jozi” at intervals throughout your event (ideal when speeches and/ or presentations need to be made).
For a powerful finale, let the DJ play on, and get everyone on the dance floor.

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