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Dance Performances

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The Drum Cafe presents the best in Traditional, Modern, Western and Fusion dance forms. From 1950’s Township Jive, Gumboot Dancing and the brightly coloured caps and takkies of the streetwise Pantsula Dance to the more sophisticated dance forms such as the crossover Afro-Fusion and Afro-Contemporary Dance, as well as pure forms such as Western Classical Ballet and Jazz and Urban dance forms like Tap-dance and Break-dance, the Drum Cafe offers dance performances to meet your needs.

We will ensure that all dance performances are staged to suit your venue, occasion and other event requirements. Dances can take place to backing tracks or live music in any combination of instruments, including drums, percussion, live bands and/or marimbas. The Drum Cafe is renowned for custom-making and choreographing dance sequences to match your event or to bring across a particular central message if required.

The Drum Cafe offers:

South African Dance International Dance


Jazz Dance




World Dance (Latin, Indian, Spanish Flamenco, Belly-dancing)

Tapsula (tapping in takkies)

Tap Dance

Tin Can Dance (Intricate rhythms made with the clicking sounds of the bases of cans)


50’s Township Jive




Gumboot Dancing


Basadi Le Meropa


Dance Performances Dance Performances

Remember to read about the Drum Cafe’s wide array of performances, includingTraditional Music & Dance, Marimba, Gumboots, Dance, Jazz/World Music, Party Bands, DJs and MCs, Mzantsi Traditional Orchestra, Carnival and Circus Acts and Fusion/Crossover. We can combine dance with a selection of our other performances.

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